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organic kombucha on tap

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vegan coconut soft serve 

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Foodvenience arrives on Broadneach   

We are a new generation foodstore and eatery, super passionate about serving up feel good, fresh food and beverages for enjoying every day now, and later.  We offer a healthy balance of delicious foods, meals, ingredients and premium coffee delivered with compassion for you and our wonderful environment.  


Check out our epic chilled blends at URBAN ICED! Fresh Bar -  serving Nitro coffee, Smoothies, Organic Kombucha on tap made with seasonal fresh fruits and our signature kombucha floats served with vegan coconut soft serve.

Our feel good meals are freshly made daily by our experienced team of Chef-Foodies. We also offer fresh fruit & vegetables, artisan breads and flowers alongside our everyday living essentials. 

We are super passionate about feel good food made easy, and everything we do is designed to recharge, to refuel and to refresh you!


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2019 URBAN foodstore

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