Choose from one of our freshly made smoothies to accompany your breakfast:


Banana Blitz - banana, honey, cinnamon, & coconut softserve


Urban Acai - mouth watering Acai smoothie made with Acai Twist, banana and coconut water


Urban Nero - Original black hawaiian coconut soft serve with activated charcoal, prebiotic fibres & cacao combined with banana and coconut milk

Drinks - Smoothies

Smoothie Options

Foodvenience arrives on Broadbeach 

We are a new generation foodstore and eatery, passionate about serving up feel good, fresh food and beverages for enjoying every day - now and later. We offer a healthy balance of delicious fresh foods, salads, meals and ingredients, organic Kombucha on tap and premium coffee delivered with compassion for you and our environment.  

The inspiration behind Urban foodstore, spent months researching overseas eateries and latest eating trends before finding the perfect balance or as they say, ‘foodvenience’, now in the heart of Broadbeach's premium eating precinct. Come and say hello!

Everything we do is designed to recharge,

to refuel and to refresh you!